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SIX policy
Decoration subsidy

Enjoy super high store decoration subsidies, can directly offset the payment for goods

Professional training

Mesa business school cooperates with external experts to build a series of training systems

Props and materials

The company provides perfect sales props, such as store props, materials, etc

event planning

Store opening, annual festivals and store activities, all kinds of brand promotion activities

Marketing policy

Annual marketing plan and promotion plan support

Year end benefits

Achieve the annual sales target, enjoy the company's sales rebate and benefits

SEVEN support
  • 01Sample installation support + first installation training
  • 02Active marketing support + organizational structure building
  • 03Company node marketing activities support
  • 04All kinds of design, order information system support
  • 05Regular marketing, product and operation training support
  • 06Key account communication assistance
  • 07Regional technical training support
TEN Brand protection
01 Shop location guarantee

The company arranges experienced professionals to conduct on-the-spot investigation to assist in store site selection, decoration design and business opening guidance, so that franchisees can easily t

02 Store image protection

The company provides professional store VI, Si image design, a full set of construction drawings, and one-to-one VIP guidance store decoration

03 Delivery guarantee

According to the company's order process, unconditionally guarantee the supply within the period

04 Product quality assurance

All mesa series products are in strict accordance with the relevant national and enterprise standards, to ensure that the quality of qualified and better than the level of the same industry

05 Price guarantee

Mesa formulates a national unified price system to ensure the uniformity and stability of prices. Meanwhile, the company will give competitive tasks and complete the incentive policies

06 Warehouse logistics support

The headquarters of the company covers an area of 52000 m2, with sufficient storage space, perfect logistics distribution guarantee system, and the regional manager tracks the whole process to ensure

07 Store operation guarantee

The active marketing department sank the store and helped to open the store for 15 days; the operation manager guided the store for 365 days and made the store operation worry free

08 Training system support

Mesa headquarters provides comprehensive and multi-level door and window system training free of charge

09 Brand channel guarantee

Throughout the year, the company widely publicized in Huiya media, major expressways, tmall, Baidu and other major platforms

10 After sales service guarantee

The company set up after-sales service department, pay close attention to the final quality of products, let the terminal sales worry free

Shop location guarantee
Store image protection
Delivery guarantee
Product quality assurance
Price guarantee
Warehouse logistics support
Store operation guarantee
Training system support
Brand channel guarantee
After sales service guarantee
Investment Promotion Director

Leasing Director:周坤



Investment Promotion Director

Leasing Director:周坤



Investment Promotion Director

Leasing Director:周坤 Area:全国 Tel:19881565608

Investment Promotion Director

Leasing Director:周坤 Area:全国 Tel:19881565608