This is not only a window, but also a yearning for life
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Originated from North America, it is a model of landscape texture hardwood

Oak imported from North America

Passed PEFC certification

180 days of natural health

Fully adapt to China's climate and environment

Microwave balance adjustment of wood moisture content

Customized in different regions

Transparent topcoat - hand sprayed x1, hand polished x1

Transparent topcoat - hand sprayed x1, hand polished x1

Finishing coat - manual spraying x1, pure manual polishing x1

Transparent topcoat - hand sprayed x1, hand polished x1

Water character Lisi - pure manual drawing x1, pure manual polishing x1, pure manual polishing x1

Sanding adhesive primer - manual spraying x1, pure manual sanding x1

Immersion adhesive primer - Immersion X2, pure manual grinding x2

7 layers of lacquer water technology, showing the true color of solid wood

Three bottom, four sides, seven manual grinding

14 layers of paint surface treatment

German imported outdoor class REMAX ecological water-based paint,

From nature, escort for health and safety

25 ℃ customized environment

Make sure to bake each coat for 8 hours

Multipoint suspension ,
Inherit the classical beauty of wood

"Suspension symbiosis" structure, patent technology certification

Patent number:201520383360.4

The symbiotic structure of gold and wood is stable

Give wood space to release

Multi layer sealing creates quiet space
Whole welding strip + glue injection process

Improve sealing performance

PA66 polymer nylon insulation bridge

Effectively block heat transfer

Soft and hard coextrusion strip

The sealing performance is more than 2 times of that of ordinary rubber strip

Haida sealant strip

Excellent sealing and durability

Multi layer seal effective energy saving and noise reduction

Let the family have a good time

Door and window guard
Life is warm because of safety

Integration of function and aesthetics Gauze fan custom wood surface

Let you have exclusive decoration style

304 protection diamond net care details

Security guard and anti mosquito

Because of the quality, and peace of mind, select imported hardware system

100000 times of trouble free opening and closing

Water tightness Lv 6 700Pa
Thermal insulation Lv 9 1.264W/(m²·K)
Air tightness Lv 7 0.8/[㎡/(m²·h)]
Sound insulation Lv 3 40db
Wind pressure resistance Lv 9 5200Pa